Getting to the Heart of Joint Problems: Well-Known Nutritionist Talks about the 'Next Generation' of Cartilage-Building Supplements

Dr. Kristine Clark, advisor to the U.S. women's Olympic soccer team, recommends CH-Alpha® as part of a joint health regimen, particularly for physically active people

CH-Alpha is the only joint health supplement in the U.S. with a patent for regenerating cartilage

Vernon Hills, IL (April 5, 2007) — Like the women she counsels on the gold-medal winning U.S. women's Olympic soccer team, Dr. Kristine Clark believes in tackling problems head-on. That's why, for the over 70 million people who have chronic joint symptoms, the well-known sports nutritionist has this straightforward advice.

"If you're going to use joint supplements, try something that goes to the heart of the problem – the loss of cartilage that can cause discomfort and severely limit joint mobility," says Clark, who also is Director of Sports Nutrition for Penn State University's Athletic Department. "Collagen hydrolysate – the active ingredient in CH-Alpha – has been shown to provide nutrients that actually regenerate cartilage in the joint areas."

Dr. Clark also is a spokesperson for the International Food Information Council and works with physically active people of all athletic levels and ages. She advocates taking action to improve joint health, which not only can help alleviate current discomfort but also can have a positive impact on quality of life as people get older. In addition to good nutrition and regular exercise, Dr. Clark believes CH-Alpha, which has been called the 'next generation' of joint supplement products, should be considered as another important component of a joint health regimen.

"I recommend CH-Alpha to anyone with joint problems," she says. "It can be especially beneficial to active seniors, since chronic joint symptoms are the leading cause of disability in people 18 and older."

This advice has proved beneficial to Mark Parsons, an active, 49-year-old from Pismo Beach, Calif. After using CH-Alpha, he concludes that "it has really helped to relieve my knee pain. I recently ran a marathon, and at the end, the only thing that was not hurting were my knees!"

Parsons also finds the ready-to-drink liquid vial convenient, commenting that "I really like that CH-Alpha comes in pre-measured doses. It makes it quick and easy to take. In fact, I keep a box at my desk at work and a box at home."

E.P., a 27-year-old female from Pittsburgh, Penn., believes that "CH-Alpha gives me the ability to take the stairs and long walks." The safety and efficacy of the product is demonstrated by the fact that CH-Alpha has been tested in over 2,000 patients for 25 years, and E.P. says that "it's important to me that it is backed by more than 14 scientific studies."

An expert on all types of joint supplements, Dr. Clark has spoken on this topic at numerous national conferences as well as her own radio show. She recognizes that preliminary data suggests that the most commonly used supplements--glucosamine and chondroitin sulfate products--have eased discomfort in some patients. However, she also emphasizes that, since the U.S. Food and Drug Administration does not test supplements for safety, efficacy and quality control, people with joint problems should be aware of three key points:
A content analysis of glucosamine and chondroitin sulfate in 32 marketed product samples found that 84 percent did not meet their label claims, with contents ranging from 0-115% of the label claim for the ingredients.1

CH-Alpha is the only joint supplement in the U.S. with a patent for regenerating cartilage.

The collagen hydrolysate in CH-Alpha is the only joint supplement ingredient to be listed by the FDA as GRAS ("Generally Recognized as Safe") and has no adverse interactions with other drugs or supplements.
In addition to working directly with athletes and others with joint issues, Dr. Clark is the lead investigator for an ongoing clinical study at Penn State University to show the effects of CH-Alpha on 150 student athletes, both varsity and non-varsity. For more information about CH-Alpha, visit

About CH-Alpha CH-Alpha is a nutraceutical developed to help millions of Americans with chronic joint problems improve their flexibility and enhance their quality of life. CH-Alpha has been studied for over 25 years in 14 clinical studies with over 2,000 patients. It is being marketed by GELITA Health Products USA, Inc., a new division of the global b-to-b manufacturer Gelita AG. Gelita AG has been in business for over 130 years and produces almost 30 percent of the world market of gelatin, making the world's leading manufacturer of the substance. Gelita AG is headquartered in Eberbach, Germany and currently operates 20 plants in 12 countries, employing 2,800 people worldwide. Gelita Health Products has been in business in the United States since 2003.


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