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CH-Alpha - Клиничко дејство

CH-Alpha - Дoкази студии

The Collagen Solution

Moskowitz - Role of Collagen         Hydrolysate

Oesser - Stimulation

Oesser - Oral administration

GELITA – The company

• Privately owned by founding families

• Headquarter is Eberbach, near Heidelberg, in Germany

• More than 20 sites worldwide

• GELITA Health GmbH is the holding company for GELITA’s consumer activities and markets CH-Alpha®.

Pre-clinical research at the Collagen Research Institute

The Collagen Research Institute (CRI) is an independent institute in Kiel, Germany, that cooperates with numerous national and international partners. Head of the CRI is Dr. Steffen Oesser.
Main focus of the research is the examination of the mode of action of collagen peptides as well as the support of the clinical research for the therapy of degenerative joint diseases.

Biokinetics of collagen hydrolysate

Investigations using radio-labeled collagen hydrolysate have shown that, within cartilage tissue, the enrichment is threefold

Otherwise, in the whole organism except cartilage tissue radio-labeled collagen hydrolysate showed the same distribution and the same plasma level as proline. After 96 h, no radio-labeled substance could be detected in the plasma; in cartilage tissue, however, the period extends over 96 h. The degree of enrichment in cartilage tissue and the extended presence confirm the special affinity between cartilage and these protein building blocks, and suggest their anabolic effect. If there were only adhesive or temporary effects from the collagen building blocks, the significant enrichment effect and the extended period of presence could not be explained.

Selective cartilage effect of collagen hydrolysate

In the meantime, as already mentioned, the special affinity to cartilage and the stimulating effect on the synthesis of chondrocytes has been confirmed experimentally.

In cell cultures of chondrocytes collagen hydrolysate, dependent on the dose, enhanced both the metabolism and the synthesis of collagen type II.

The synthesis of cartilage-specific proteoglycans as components of the cartilage matrix was also increased significantly by administration of collagen hydrolysate. The clearly measurable increases in concentration, especially of the collagen type II and the proteoglycans that occur in cartilage, confirm that collagen hydrolysate has a specific metabolism-increasing and hence anabolic effect on chondrocytes and initiates the repair processes in cartilage.

Rippe Study (2005) confirms significant Improvements in Joint Function by objective Parameters


• Randomized, double blind, placebo controlled • 250 patients with symptoms of mild osteoarthritis

• Therapy: 10 g FORTIGEL® or placebo

• 14 weeks trial

• pain, stiffness, mobility, flexibility and isometric / isokinetic leg strength assessments


Consumption of FORTIGEL® showed significant improvements in joint function by means of isometric and isokinetic leg strength assessments in patients with mild osteoarthritis of the knee.

PennState Study (2008): FORTIGEL® in Athletes


• 147 student athletes, randomized, placebo-controlled, double-blind

• Therapy: 10g FORTIGEL® or placebo over 24 weeks

• Parameters: pain, mobility, flexibility in different joints


• Significant improvements in joint problems (especially in the knee)

• Increase of performance & mobility

• Decrease of alternative therapies (massages / ice packs)

Evolution in Joint Care Therapy

Mode of action

Retain healthy joints


CH-Alpha®: Clinical Studies

• Scientifically validated in numerous international pre-clinical and clinical studies (over 2,800 patients)

Harvard University / Tufts Medical Center Study (2011) Visualized the Joint Health Effect of CH-Alpha®


• Prospective, randomized, double blind, placebo controlled

• 30 individuals with mild grade of Osteoarthritis (Kellgrean grade 1 – 2)

• Therapy: CH-Alpha or placebo

• 11 months trial

• dGEMRIC data


• Proteoglycan density in the knee joint cartilage was significantly increased after CH-Alpha treatment

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